What Should Be included In A Wedding Video Package

Most people who are getting married, have either never been married before, or have, but it was so long ago that they did not get a wedding video. Because of this a lot of couples have no idea what they should get when they get a wedding video. They obviously know that the videographer will be filming their day, but they have no idea what to expect on the dvd.


As a company, we have various things that we have on a wedding video as standard parts of our wedding packages. The standard things include:


1, Bridal preparations

2, The ceremony

3, Musical edit of the photographs being taken

4, Musical edit of the decorations of the breakfast room

5, The speeches

6, Cutting the cake

7, The first dance

8, Guest messages


These are standard things that we include in our wedding videos if we are shooting from bridal prep to the end of the first dance. We also make a point of asking the bride if there is anything else she would like to be filmed in order to prompt her to think of things she would like added. This is important because sometimes a bride will think after the wedding that she would have liked something included, but by then it is too late.


We always also ask if they have any special entertainment present at the wedding, so that we can make a point of videoing that also. It just helps us if we know what is going on well before the wedding, so we can add that we have to video certain things on our plan of the day.


If we make a point of videoing something, at least we have the option to add it if we or the bride want. If we do not video it, then we do not have the option and if the bride suddenly decides after the wedding that that thing is so important, then we have no chance to please her.


Different wedding video companies shoot and edit different things for addition to the dvd, so there is a lot of variation in wedding videos. It is therefore very important that the bride and groom check out the style of the wedding videographer and communicate what they want clearly. If they do not really think through what they want before the wedding, and therefore do not tell the videographer, then they will seriously regret it afterwards.


By having a standard list of things we include, we are at least making sure all the really necessary things are included. After that, its really is up to the bride and groom to make specific requests in order for us to know what is important to them.


In summary, we best use our experience to include what we know most couples really like, but we are ready to add extra things, just as long as the bride and groom tell us what those things are.







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