Colour Scheme Of The Wedding Video


Weddings are among the most classical and traditional customs of life. It is for that reason that we believe that a classical style of cinematography should be applied to the wedding video.


In wedding photography, couples often opt to have some pages of their wedding album in black and white, which adds a traditional and varied feel to the album. This is sometimes the case with the wedding video. Some couples ask us to turn certain parts of their wedding video into black and white, in order to add variation and add an established traditional feel to parts of the video. It is also a good way to highlight certain parts of the wedding video.


We have also in the past provided the couple with a black and white version of their entire wedding video, along with a full colour version of their wedding video.


While black and whites adds a sense of the traditional, it is worth remembering that it disregards many of the colours of the day, like the flowers and the brides maids dresses. A think it is nice touch to have your wedding video in black and white, but to not preserve your memory of the stunning colours that were on offer on the day, with a colour version as well is not very wise.


In summary, it is a matter of taste, while some people love black and white some hate it. For that reason we leave it up to the couple to decide but we always advise them to take the colour version, just incase they change their mind in the future.


It is worth remembering that if you have a full colour wedding video, you can always de saturate it at a later date, to make it black and white, but if you take the colour away, you can not bring it back once that colour information is gone.


For that reason we always shoot in colour and carry out the de saturation process in post production if the couple decide that is what they want.




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