Is One Video Camera Enough


When people book us for their wedding video, we are often asked, is one camera enough to cover the wedding?


The essential answer is yes, but your wedding video will be vastly improved by the use of an extra camera. There are many reasons why an extra camera is beneficial and these are:


1, Insurance. If someone stands in front of the video camera, then we are able to cut to the other camera in the edit. You may think to your self, why would some one do that?, but the truth is that it happens a lot. People do not do it on purpose off course, but they do it quite often by accident.

Guest are often so relaxed and concentrated on the day and having a great time that they do not think to watch out for video cameras. The photographer is often so concentrated on his job that he often stands in the way, despite the fact that we always make sure there is room for him to get round the back of us. If you do not mind having a section of your video where some one is stood blocking the camera, then the one camera sound like the package for you. Personally it would drive me crazy if I was watching my wedding video and then suddenly some one's bum was in the shot for ten seconds or so.


2, Professionalism and sophistication. If you were to watch a wedding on a drama, then you may not have noticed it before, but you will be watching from a multitude of camera angles, which are all seamlessly edited together to give you a comprehensive and smooth view on the proceedings of the ceremony.

By having an extra camera you are able to achieve some where closer to this standard you watch so often on TV. There are certain elements of a wedding day where the extra camera makes the most difference and these are:


1, Ceremony. Because camera one is always facing diagonally towards the bride, you do not always get a great view of the groom. By having the second camera diagonally facing the groom, you can capture more of his emotions as well.


2, Speeches. By having one camera close up on the person making the speeches you can capture his emotions as he talks and by having the second camera on the entire head table, you can see peoples reactions to his jokes and his emotional points.


3, First Dance. During the first dance a couple usually spin round. This means that with one camera you often can not see their faces. By having the second camera at a ninety degree angle, you can essentially always see their faces as they spin around. this is obviously much more like a professional production and allows you to capture all of the emotion on their faces.


As you can see from the points raised above there are massive advantages to having a second camera. The truth is that most of the time we can produce a perfectly good wedding video with just one camera, but some times because of things that take place on the day, the quality of the wedding video can be massively impacted by just having the one camera there. Off course a two camera wedding video is cheaper, but one must decide weather saving one hundred pounds is really worth risking what may be the only thing you have left when your wedding day is over. Personally I would not take that chance, it is all too important, but in the end of the day it comes down to a matter of choice and budget. Some couples may have massively over spent in other areas of the wedding, and therefore have to cut costs, where as others may just decide to not pay the extra because they do not mind the gamble.


We are finding that most of our customers are choosing to have that second camera, because, and I totally agree, it is really not worth the risk when this is the greatest day of your life.




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