The Choice Between Bridal Prep And Every One Meeting At The Church


As a part of our packages, we include an hour of bridal prep (the bride getting ready) as standard. This is not some thing that used to be a standard, but because the photographer is always there for the bridal prep, it has slowly become a thing that most brides want the wedding videographer to do also.


The only problem with the wedding videographer being present for the bridal prep, is that he will miss the excitement of all the guest arriving, and waiting for the bride.


This leaves the bride with an important decision to make. Does she choose a montage of the bridal prep, or does she choose the montage of all the guests arriving (the one thing she will not see on the day).


There are many factors that effect this decision, the main ones are:


1, Curiosity. Is she a curious being, to the extent that she feels she will be missing out if she does not see the one thing she will not be present for on the day, or does she just consider this not really much to do with her, because she was not actually there.


2, Intrusion. Does she consider another person besides her brides maids being there an intrusion into what is to some already a stressful part of the day. She will after all have the photographer there anyway, so she will no doubt still have a very good visual aid of the bridal prep, for her memories.


3, Previous sightings. Has she seen a friend's wedding video and particularly liked or disliked either of these elements.


4, Previous experience. Has been married before and had a videographer at a previous wedding, that really got in the way of the bridal preparations. It may be she was a brides maid at a friend's wedding where this happened, and therefore decides, she does not want that for her self.


There are probably many other things that effect this decision, but these are certainly the main factors that we have noticed. This is a personal choice and it depends on what the bride wants and what makes her comfortable, on the most important day of her life.




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