Should I Get A Digital Copy Of My Wedding Video?


In the beginning of wedding videography, there was no choice as to how you get your wedding video, it was always on VHS. Now the people who purchased their wedding video on VHS, are struggling to watch their video because it is nearly impossible to buy a VHS player. There are now left with the decision as to whether or not to pay to have it transferred to dvd, even though it will remain at VHS quality, which is simply not good enough for large plasma TV screens.


Moved forward to present day and there are now indications that the physical disk may not be around for ever. This is because:


1, More and more people are streaming films from online platforms like netflix. This seems to be the way of the future. Even a lot of computer programs are now licensed from central clouds.


2, The quality of recording getting higher and higher to the extent that it may not be possible to hold the resolution on a single disk. 4k TVs have been around for about 5 years, yet you can not go into a video store and buy a film on a 4k disk. Apparently 8k TVs are not far away, and this means that we are heading towards a situation where the physical disk can not keep up with the quality of televisions. That essentially means it is not fit for purpose.


3, Does it make sense to have a thousand dvds in your house on a shelf, or to have a hard drive with all  those films on it? Obviously the later makes sense, because it saves space and there is no chance the film will get scratched, which is very often the case with the physical disk.


Some, but not all wedding video companies are providing couples with their wedding video on a high speed usb 3 stick. By doing so they are future proofing their wedding video because they have the raw file, which can be transferred to any format that might be invented in the future.


We offer this service and in fact we gives couples the choice between receiving it on dvd and receiving the digital file. Yet despite the fact that the digital file is at blue ray quality and fact that they may not be able to watch their wedding video in future if they take it on DVD, they still choose the dvd option.


We are always shocked by this because the entire point of marriage is that you are married for ever, so to buy your wedding video in a format that means you may not be able to watch your wedding video, when you most need it to remember your special day is crazy.




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