The Camera Elements That Produce Great Picture Quality


Buying a camcorder is a daunting task, because there are so many technical aspects that make a great camera. A lot of sales people will tell you, that if it is 4k, then you will get a great picture quality. This is not true, because there are many elements that make a camera produce great picture quality.


These elements are:


1, The lens. When we see something, light bounces off it and into our eyes. It is the effect of the light on our retinas that make the picture information. A camera functions in much the same way. The light bounces off the subject and into the camera, but it must first goes through the lens.


A poor lens will cross the beams of light and therefore create a muddled picture. A good quality lens will aim the beams of light precisely and therefore produce a clear image on the sensor chip.


The other thing that makes a good lens beneficial is the fact that expensive lenses usually have a low f stop number, which means they can open their iris more. By being able to open their iris more, they can function better in low light, because they let in more light, in a given situation.


Being able to function well in low light, reduces the grain and produces a sharper picture.


2, The sensor chip. After the light beams have left the lens, they hit the sensor and it is the effect on the diodes within the sensor that produces the image. Expensive cameras have large sensors. This means that the image that is produced by the light beams is larger and therefore can with stand being blown up onto a large television.


A larger chip also functions better in low light, due to its larger diodes, and as a result produces a better picture with less grain.


3, Recording format. Basically there are three format. Standard definition, high definition and 4k. Basically, the difference is more pixels of information. More building blocks to make up the picture. Obviously the more building blocks you use to construct the image, the finer the picture is.


Above, I said that 4k does not mean that you get a great picture quality, and that is correct. The reason that is correct is that if you have a poor image caused by a poor lens and a terrible chip, then making a 4k recording of that, means you are just making a nearly perfect recording of an image that is already diminished. If you have a camera with a fantastic lens and a great chip, then recording 4k will help to give a better picture. With out those whoever it is almost pointless. Its is also worth mentioning that recording in 4k produces a darker picture, because it splits the diodes up into smaller elements.


In conclusion there are many factors that effect picture quality, and deciding which to prioritise on a budget can be difficult. Careful consideration must be given, when making your decision. You must first decide what you want the camera for and then based on your needs picture wise, decide which elements of the technology will suit your purpose best.




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