Blue Ray/DVD Explained


When we ask people if they want their wedding video on blue ray of DVD, it usually comes down to whether or not they have a blue ray player. Most people know that blue ray is better quality than DVD, but they do not how and why.


Blue ray produces better picture quality because:


1, A DVD is only 4.7gb in size, where as the blue ray is 50 gigabytes in size. This extra storage space means that you can compress a video a lot less, and still fit it on the disk. This is important because compression is very degrading to picture quality. When you compress a video file, you are essentially dismantling it, and then reconstructing it with much less information. It is like dismantling your house and then putting it back together with half the bricks gone.


A DVD can only play 9.5mb/s of data, which is very little bare in mind you are watching twenty five frames per second, that means very little information for each picture/frame, which results in poor picture quality.


When we produce blue rays, we make them at 30mb/s so each frame is much more detailed, and therefore the picture looks so much more sharper.


2, All DVDs are standard definition. Even if you buy a major studio release dvd, it will be in standard definition (720 pixels by 480 pixels). All blue rays are full high definition (1920 pixels by 1080 pixels). This  means that dvd is almost four times the number of pixels as blue ray.


Obvious more pixels means more detail, which creates a sharper picture. This extra detail is especially important now, because all of our wedding videos are shot in full high definition, and therefore in order to get the full quality of the footage, that we have recorded, it needs to be watched on a blue ray or a digital file at 1920 x 1080.




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