Six DIY Wedding Concepts To Save Money



DIY weddings are having their moment in the spotlight with style, and vintage themes creating the perfect backdrop for a few personal touches. That’s before we even get into the positive effect a bit of elbow grease and creativity can have on you budget Make your wedding that little bit more personal and a lot more affordable with DIY touches – big and small. Here’s a few DIY wedding ideas to get the ball rolling.



Wedding Cake

This one may seem like a massive task but it’s very, very do able. Layers of cake can be made weeks ahead and frozen, giving you a lot of time to get your cake right. If cake making is not your greatest strength, consider buying pre made and simply iced layers that you can add a massive twist to with decoration.


Wedding Favours

Favours are expensive and an opportunity to have a little fun with your guests by going DIY. Make a favour made up of your favourite treats or a small bottle of your favourite alcohol. You can even bake individual cupcakes or make personalised poems. Let your imagination run wild and create something completely personal to you.


Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is a skill a lot can learn with a few online tutorials and some tools. You will need florists wire and tape to begin with, and a glue gun for attaching any decorations. Choose simple, natural arrangements with a relaxed feel and make this task a group effort by asking your bridesmaid to chip in with the effort.


Venue Decoration

This is another task you can tackle yourself, ideally with help and support from a few friends or family. Ask the venue if you can access your space before the wedding and string fairy lights, bunting, or paper chains for a relaxed bohemian theme. Chairs can be brought to life with a little ribbon while plain tablecloths can be lifted with colourful runners.



Order Of Service Design

This is a small detail that can easily forgotton, so make sure you give attention to the slip of paper or card that will introduce your guests to your wedding layout. Some fun designs include orders of service styled as fans or postcards or mats.



Name Cards and Holders

Give your guest a personal and interesting name card and holder that is kind to your budget. A fun way to do this is to use polaroid style photos of your guests rather than names, although a vintage look can also look amazing. For the holder, a cork split two-thirds down is a cheap and cheerful way to display the cards, or use miniature plants for a natural feel.




In summary there are a lot of ways to add a personalised look to your wedding. A lot of people think that by saving money your are removing the class and sophistication from your wedding, but in fact you are adding a personality which set your wedding apart. All it takes a little imagination.




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