Singing Waiters

One of the most popular new forms of wedding entertainment is the singing waiters. The concept is this. They come to the venue early, and begin helping with the serving of the food, so that everyone sees them and everyone accepts them as waiters.


Then at some point during the meal, they cause some kind of scene. Sometimes its a loud argument, some times someone pretends to have a heart attack. All the guests look on as the scene develops and the tension is in the air.


Suddenly music comes on and they all start singing. This always creates a gasping laugh, as the tension dissipates and the fun begins. As wedding videographers, we have experienced this many times and it always works a treat.


The guests always end up sing and dancing and having fun. It is the release of the tension of the scene and the surprise that seems to let people's inhibitions go.


This form of entertainment is still new, and therefore still catches 95% of the people in the room by surprise, but as it becomes more popular, it may end up that guests know what is about to happen, when a waiter decides to have a heart attack and therefore the surprise element is gone.


The singing waiters will off course still be fun in themselves, however a big part of the fun is the surprise element. It may also create a situation, where a waiter genuinely has a heart attack and no one helps him, because they think he is a singing waiter.


Wedding entertainment changes quite often, as people are always thinking of ways to make money out of a wedding. It is the belief that there is a lot of money in weddings that drives this innovation.


The truth is that these guys are limited by the budget of a bride and groom. There are only so many people that can afford the singing waiters and because of that, and the fact that more and groups seem to be going into being singing waiters, I think this trend will be over subscribed fairly soon.


The good thing about it becoming over subscribed, is that it will bring the price down and may make the decision easier for the average bride and groom.




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