How The Videographer And The photographer Should Work Together

For years the wedding photographer was able to conduct his work undisturbed by any other artistic visual producer at weddings. If he found a good angle, he could simply stand in that position.


Then with the advent of the digital camcorder, making film making much cheaper, suddenly more and more wedding videographers began turning up at weddings. This resulted in the wedding photographer, having to accept that he is not the only one who is charged with the responsibility of producing a visual aid for the bride and groom to remember their wedding.


Essentially his importance had diminished a little and he suddenly had to accept that he had to work around a fellow professional. Many photographers found this hard. They see a shot that they want to take from a particular angle and then suddenly realise that they can not get it because the videographer is there already. Also even if they can get to the angle they have to move around the videographer because the videographer is on a constant time line. If they get in the way, it will be recorded and probably present on the dvd. The bride and groom will obviously not be happy if the photographer keeps getting in the way of the video.


During the ceremony, the videographer, due to the fact that he is shooting on a constant time line essentially remains still through out. It is therefore very important that since the photographer is not shooting on a constant time line and is therefore mobile, that he moves and works around the videographer. The videographer will usually be on a diagonal line facing the bride, and the photographer will usually be by his side, because this is the best angle.


If they are side by side, then they essentially can not get in each others shot. We always make a point of the telling the photographer where we will be stood during the ceremony, so that he is not only aware, but the responsibility is on him to not get in the way. If he has any objection to our position, he has the opportunity to say so or for ever hold his peace.


During the photographer taking the photographs, it is up to the videographer to work around the photographer. After all, the photographer has a big and important job to do, however the photographer should be courteous towards the videographer and give him to time to get the shot also. A few extras seconds makes very little difference to a photographer and if it means he is helping the videographer do his job, then he is doing a better job himself. After all, he is there to help the bride and groom.


During the speeches, the videographer is again on a constant time line and can not move his camera with out making the video look shaky, so it is the photographer's responsibility not to get in the videographers shot. If the photographer needs to get past then he should duck down to get past or go around the back.


The first dance is similar in terms of the fact that the videographer is working on a constant timeline. As videographers, we always make sure that there is enough room round the back of us, so that the photographer can slip past. We also make a point of pointing this out to the photographer, so that he knows and is therefore responsible for his won movements.


An example of a photographer that is always great to work with is Lena Sto Domingo from Casablanca Photography. She fully appreciates what we do and because of that we work well as a team. This results in us both doing the best work we can for the bride and groom.


Unfortunately despite all of the effort we make to make sure there is a way past for the photographer with out getting in our shot, some photographers still do. Sometimes it is a simple matter of belligerence and other times it is lack of experience that causes them to get in our shot. Either way we can at least pride our selves that we have done everything we can do avoid this happening.




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