Is The Photography Camera Good Enough For Wedding Videos


For many years all films were made using film stock. Film stock was very expensive and as such, there were not many wedding videos being made because the cost was prohibitive.


Then came along the camcorder, able to capture video on to tape, which was not only cheaper but re usable. Suddenly making a film was much cheaper and as such more wedding video producers began to appear.


For decades to follow, the camcorder dominated the wedding video industry, but then digital photography cameras began to appear and started to have a video function included. At the first the video function on photography cameras did not produce very good picture quality as it was just an added bonus feature. As the years rolled on how ever, the photography camera began to produce better and better quality of video, and eventually got to the point, where the top end or full frame photography cameras began to produce video which was at the same quality of dedicated video cameras.


Suddenly more and more people began producing wedding videos with photography cameras. We as a company still use dedicated video cameras for a variety of reasons. these are:


1, Video cameras can record continuously, where as the photography camera can only record for up to twenty minutes at one go. This is obviously no good for a wedding ceremony if the ceremony lasts more than twenty minutes, which would be typical of a church ceremony.


2, Video cameras have in built ND filters, which reduce the effect of the Sun on the camera's chip. This is needed because some times the Sun is that bright that even if you lower the exposure to its lowest point, the video will be massively over exposed. You can get around this by making the shutter speed faster (reducing the amount of time that the cameras chip is exposed to the Sun, but this can cause the footage to be jittery because there is no motion blur to make a bridge from one frame to another.


3, Video cameras are designed for really good sound quality, so they produce excellent sound even in very difficult situations. The manufacturers who make photography cameras do not spend as much money on sound because the video is a secondary thing.


4, Video cameras have all the controls at your finger tips, so that you can adjust the settings as you need to. This ability to adapt at every stage, even in fluxing brightness makes all the difference when it come to producing nice video.


In summary, the photography camera has come a long way in terms of video production, how ever in a live event situation the dedicated video camera still has the edge and therefore makes it a much better device for recording weddings.




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