When deciding which type of cinematography to employ for a video, one must first think of the nature of the video you are making, and how to serve that best with the camera and the framing.


For example, if you were shooting a video about skate boarding, then shooting hand held with loads of crazy moving camera angles would work well, because it would add a kinetic energy to the footage, which would make it all seem more exciting.


This would obviously not suit a wedding video, because a wedding video is a traditional and classical event and as such requires a cinematography that suits its very nature.


For that reason we shoot everything on a tripod so that the footage looks steady and classic in its nature. If you watch an old epic, then you will not see any hand held camera work, and this is because these are classic films.


There are companies out there that employ modern hand held techniques to wedding videos, because it is quite trendy at the moment to use such techniques, but the problem with this is that trends come and go, and because you intend to be married for the rest of your life, it is not worth gambling on a technique that may be considered tacky or inappropriate in a few years.


Remember, you intend to be married for the rest of your life, so it is worth choosing a style that will always have a classy feel to it.




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